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As the Northern Territory continues to grow, there is a need to name roads in new subdivisions. In recommending names for these roads, the Place Names Committee seeks to commemorate people who have contributed to the Territory's development. If you know of some one who meets the criteria why not submit their name. Prior to filling in a form or making a submission, please read the Committee's Rules of Nomenclature and Guidelines for the Naming of a Public Place.

Before a submission is considered by the Committee, details within the submission need to be verified. The Committee requires your contact details, just in case we need further information to help with verification and to acknowledge the submission.

Commemorating a person

Complete a Place Name Request if you would like a person you know commemorated in the Northern Territory's nomenclature, particularly street nomenclature.

In order for the Committee to consider any nomination made to it, biographical information is required so staff can compile a biographical sketch of the person nominated for commemoration. The biographical sketch may be published in various Committee publications and on the Register. 

Update Register or submit a new name online

The Place Names Committee acknowledges that the data within the place names register may not be correct or up to date.

Please complete and submit this form, if you:

  • have any information which will make the place names register more accurate,
  • know of a named place (either natural or man-made) which is not in the Register and you believe should be added to the Register.

Indigenous and Remote Community - Road Naming Information Package 

Guide for Developers of Subdivisions – Naming of Roads Information 


The Place Names Committee takes reasonable precautions to protect your privacy, as outlined in the Government's Privacy Statement, however you should be aware that information provided may be subject to an application under the Information Act.

Site Feedback

For general feedback on the site etc. complete and submit this form.