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Description of terms - Localities, suburbs and communities

The following three terms have been decided by the Place Names Committee to represent the addressable areas of the Northern Territory.


Have been defined over pastoral and rural living areas of the Northern Territory, excluding the areas defined as Suburbs or Communities.

All areas which have been declared a town, under the Crown Lands Act, have either been included in a larger locality or are a locality of similar size to the declared town.

To avoid confusion with the Crown Lands Act, the term "Town" was not used for an addressable area.


Have been defined over all of the Darwin, Palmerston , Katherine and Alice Springs municipalities, even if the area is non inhabitated or a rural living area.

This allows for consistency in the naming of the area within a Municipality.


Boundaries have been defined around the larger Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

Smaller Aboriginal Communities and family outstation / homeland centres, like pastoral stations, are included in a locality.

Information and location of smaller Aboriginal communities and family outstation / homeland centres can be found by searching for the community name on the BushTel website.