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Un-incorporated area - west of Litchfield and Palmerston Municipality

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Beagle Gulf Cox Peninsula Dundee Forest
Bynoe Dundee Beach Litchfield Park
Bynoe Harbour Dundee Downs Rakula


The localities of Dundee Beach, Dundee Downs and Dundee Forest were approved in October 1997 and published in the NT Gazette G43 of 29 October 1997, whilst the other localities were defined following two rounds of public consultation in 2006. The names and boundaries were approved on 8 March 2007 and a notice of their naming appeared in the NT Gazette dated 2 April 2007.

The map below shows localities within this un-incorporated area. A larger (A3) version of this map can also be viewed (1.45mb pdf).

Information on the origin of a locality name can be found on the Place Names Register, whilst details on the extent of a locality can be viewed searching localities in the NT Atlas. For subsequent selections, it is recommended you close the NT Atlas screen / session before selecting a different locality or community. Alternatively, you can view a Compiled Plan CP5089 which deliniates the locality boundaries.