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History of localities and suburbs in the Territory

The first attempt to define suburb type areas was made in 1968 when Neighbourhood Units were named and defined over developed area of the Darwin Municipality.

In 1984, suburbs were named and defined over the Darwin Municipality and new and yet to be constructed Palmerston Municipality.

In 1997, localities were named and defined over the Coomalie Community Government Area and populated areas of the Litchfield Municipality and in the vicinity of Fog Bay.

In 1998, 2001 and 2004 amendments were made to boundaries of some suburbs in Darwin and Palmerston.

In 2004, localities were named and defined over the area between Darwin and Palmerston Municipalities and the Darwin Harbour.

In March 2007, the balance of the Northern Territory not already divided into localities and suburbs was divided into localities, suburbs and/or communities. A copy of the 2007 instrument and schedules can be viewed here PDF (371.9 KB).