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Acacia HillsDalyHerbertLivingstoneShoal Bay #
Bees CreekDarwin RiverHoltzeLloyd CreekSouthport
Berry SpringsFly CreekHoward SpringsMantonTumbling Waters
Black JungleFreds PassHughesMcMinns LagoonVirginia
Blackmore *GirraweenHumpty DooMicket CreekWak Wak #
Channel IslandGlyde Point #Knuckey LagoonMiddle PointWeddell
CoolalingaGunn Point #Koolpinyah #MurrumujukWickham

Lambells LagoonNoonamah

By selecting a suburb, you will transfer to a map of the suburb as depicted in the NT Atlas. For subsequent selections, it is recommended you close the NT Atlas screen / session before selecting a different suburb.

The majority of Litchfield Council localities were approved on 14 October 1997 and published in the NTG Gazette G43 of 29 October 1997. Herbert was approved in June 1998 and published in NTG Gazette G27 of 15 July 1998. Wickham and Channel Island Localities were approved in April 2004 and published in NTG Gazette G16 of 21 April 2004.

As a result of a decision to create localties across the whole of the NT, additional localities (marked #) were created in the Council area, whilst others (marked *) were amended. The boundaries of these localities are deliniated on CP5079.

The map below shows the localities in the Litchfield Municipality. An enlarged version of the map can also be viewed (pdf 1.41mb).

To view place names information on a locality, open the Place Names Register and enter the locality name and select the Administrative area result.

Litchfield Municipality Localities