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Maps of Localities, suburbs and communities

These web pages contain two types of maps a "jpg" file inserted into a web page and an A3 size pdf file showing the extent of localities, suburbs and/or communities in a particular Local Government Area.

2007 approved maps

The schedule attached to the 2007 locality, suburb and community instrument lists a Certified Plan number against each locality, suburb and/or community.

To view the Certified Plans, open (Alice Springs Municipality suburbs) and change the last 4 characters in the web address to the plan you wish to view.


NT Atlas maps

All localities and suburbs can be viewed in detail in the NT Atlas.

Upon opening an NT Atlas window make the "Active layer" = "Localities", then click on "Search" from top bar menu and enter the locality / suburb you wish to view the extent of.


To remove the shading to view the underlying cadastre / property boundaries - click on the "Clear selection" icon.

Selecting "Background" (at bottom) from the layer and expanding and selecting "250k Topographic Map" will give you a background image.