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Margaret River

Un-incorporated area - south-east of Coomalie Shire

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Burrundie (part) (CP5088) Douglas-Daly (part) (CP5088) Margaret River (CP5087)
Daly River (part) (CP5088) Litchfield Park (CP5089) Robin Falls (CP5087)


These localities, between Coomalie Shire and Victoria-Daly Shire, to the south and south-east were defined following two rounds of public consultation in 2006. The names and boundaries were approved on 8 March 2007 and a notice of their naming appeared in the NT Gazette dated 2 April 2007.

The map below shows the localities within this un-incorporated area. A larger (A3) version of this map can also be viewed. (382kb pdf)

Information on the origin of a locality name can be found on the Place Names Register, whilst details on the extent of a locality can be viewed searching localities in the NT Atlas.

Margaret River Localities