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Palmerston Municipality

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Archer Gray Palmerston City
Bakewell Gunn Pinelands
Bellamack Johnston (CP5077) Rosebery
Driver Marlow Lagoon Woodroffe
Durack Mitchell (CP5077) Yarrawonga
Farrar Moulden Zuccoli (CP5077)

By selecting a suburb, you will transfer to a map of the suburb as depicted in the NT Atlas. For subsequent selections, it is recommended you close the NT Atlas screen / session before selecting a different suburb.

Alternatively if you select the plan number after the suburb name (ie CP5077), the plan associated with the approval will be displayed.

The map below shows the new suburbs in the Palmerston Municipality. An enlarged version of the map can also be viewed (pdf 517kb).

Information on the origin of a suburb name can be found on the Place Names Register, whilst details on the extent of a suburb can be viewed by searching localities in the NT Atlas.

A table of suburb amendments can be viewed here.


Palmerston Suburbs Map