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Tiwi Islands Shire

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Tiwi Islands (CP5090) Milikapiti (CP5130)
  Wurrumiyanga (CP5218)
  Pirlangimpi (CP5132)

The above localities and Community localities were defined following two rounds of public consultation in 2006. The names and boundaries were approved on 8 March 2007 and a notice of their naming appeared in the NT Gazette dated 2 April 2007.

The name of Nguiu Community was altered to Wurrumiyanga on 16 June 2010.

The map below shows the localities and communities in the Tiwi Islands Shire.

Information on the origin of a locality or community name can be found on the Place Names Register, whilst details on the extent of a locality or the Tiwi Islands Shire can be viewed searching either localities or LGAs in the NT Atlas. Alternatively, you can view the deliniation of the locality or community boundary by using the CP plan link.


Tiwi Islands Localities