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In order for the Committee to manage the naming of places in the Northern Territory it has developed rules and guidelines and is developing policies and procedures for its use and the public's information.

The Committee's Rules of Nomenclature, Guidelines for the Naming of a Place and Discriminatory or Derogatory Place Names Policy are available on line.

Place names are usually made up of two parts, the name and a generic term.

In the Northern Territory, Aboriginal languages have been used consistently and actively to the present day and remain living languages. For the most part Aboriginal place names in these areas are recently recorded and are linguistically correct for that language.

Although an Australian English system of place names has been allocated across the Northern Territory, the Committee recognises that there may be one or many Aboriginal names for a particular feature.

It is the Committee policy to encourage the recording of Aboriginal place names and in so doing abides by the Committee for Geographical Names in Australasia's (CGNA) Policy guidelines for the recording and use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Place Names.

The Northern Territory was the first Australian jurisdiction and a world leader in officially incorporating dual naming in its nomenclature.