Place Names Committee

Help searching for place names

Use the tips below to help find what you need in the database.

Icons you will see

Blue pin  Indicates place names with map location data that are found as a result of a search. If you click on a blue icon, the icon will change to orange and information about the selected place will display in the information panel.
Orange pin  Indicates a selected place name with map location data. Information about the selected place is displayed in the information panel.
Yellow dot with red border  Indicates other place names in the surrounding area with map location data.
White arrow on blue background  If you have moved the map and want to return to a selected place name, click on the re-centre icon at the top left-hand corner of the map.

Data types

The place names database is divided into the following data or place names types, coinciding with the types of places as defined by section 4A of the Act.

Place name typeDefinition
Road names Highways, roads, streets, lanes, trails or thoroughfares that are open to or used by the public
Feature names Geographic or topographic features (whether or not covered by water)
Aboriginal communities Aboriginal communities and family homeland centres (including town camps)
Parks and cemeteries
Parks, gardens, reserves, recreation or sporting grounds that are open to or used by the public and public cemeteries within the meaning of the Cemeteries Act 1952
Suburbs, localities or administration areas County, hundred, town, suburb or locality within a town or a site for a town
Infrastructure Public infrastructure associated with transport facilities, education or medical institutions or nursing homes
Points of interest Places, structures or buildings that are or may be of public or historic interest, including places on the Northern Territory Heritage Register

Status values

Place names in the place names database have been allocated the following status value to indicate if the place name is registered or not.

Status valueDefinition
Registered A name gazetted or registered under the Place Names Act 1967
Assigned A name assigned under another Act - eg the Education Act 2015
Revoked A gazetted or registered name which has been revoked or altered or where the road which has been named has been closed
Historical An historical name shown in an official publication or on an official map or chart for which the location of the place can not now be ascertained or is unknown; the place no longer exists; or the name has been superseded by another name
Recorded A name which has not been registered but is shown on an official map or chart