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The place names database contains a range of attribute information, allowing the searching of place names in the Northern Territory that are:

The database can be used to find out the spelling of a name, what a name means, where a name comes from, or who the name commemorates.

You can use the basic or full feature search option.

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Please note: the database is continually being updated and new place names and information added, so what you find today may be different tomorrow.

While a map view is presented for place names with location data, the database should not be relied on for navigational purposes.

Help using the database

Get helpful tips for using the database. This includes attribute information on the place name data, types and status.

Approvals by year

Place names approved and included in the Place Names Register since 2007 are also listed by year below.

Other resources

To find links to place name registers and gazetteers, see resources.

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We are happy to receive information from the community about existing place names in the database through the feedback form.