Place Names Committee

Nominate a person for commemoration

The naming of places is a great way to commemorate and recognise prominent or important people who:

There are two types of requests for commemorating a person:

Who can be commemorated

The Place Names Committee will usually only consider requests to commemorate a person through a place name when the person has been deceased for at least 12 months.

How to make a request

In the NT, the Place Names Committee applies a number of guidelines when considering a request to officially name a place.

Requests can be submitted through Place Names Online. However, it is recommended that members of the community discuss their interest in developing a request with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) beforehand to ensure that the information included in the request is complete and meets all requirements.

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Before a request is considered by the Committee, the information provided in the request will be reviewed by DIPL and you may be contacted to provide further information or clarification.

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Reserve List

The Reserve List is maintained by the Committee.

It can be provided by request to third parties such as subdivision developers and local government councils to help them identify potential names for places such as:

While preliminary support has been given by the Committee for names included in the Reserve List, you must still carry out consultation about using a selected name for a particular naming proposal.

This would include consultation with:

The view of the local government council is also required to be sought in most cases.

Information you need to include

Requests to include a person in the Reserve List must include:

Naming a specific place after someone

There are requirements that apply to naming places.

For example only surnames are used in commemorative road namings while full name commemorations can be used for parks, eg Smith Road vs Mary Jane Smith Park.

There can also be issues of duplication. For example, if ‘Smith Street’, or other similar sounding names such as Smyth, Mith, Smit already exist in a nearby area.

Developing a request that recognises these requirements and limitations enables smoother and faster consideration by the Committee.

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